Amino Complex

A security in the world of technical treatments

Amino Complex is an advanced professional system designed to protect and reconstruct the hair while performing any type of in salon chemical services such as coloring, bleaching, straightening and permanent.

Amino Complex added to chemical service treatments prevents damage to the hair before it occurs creating new bonds and strengthening existing ones, giving the hair elasticity, strength, vitality & beautiful shine.

The use of the Amino Complex system allows you to bring the hair back to a state of health never seen before: more the hair is treated and more it improves in structure and appearance.

Amino Complex is easy to use, when added to the chemical product mix Amino complex is triggered & will completely change the structure of the hair fiber, disulfide bonds will be multiplied & permanently repaired.


Complex of wheat amino acids, ceramide A2, hibiscus seed extract and micro proteins, protects and nourishes the hair during color development. Repairs disulfide bridges thanks to a complex of 18 Amino Acids and active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Keratin and Wheat Proteins that, working in synergy, guaranteeing a final result that gives elasticity, strength and a better appearance to the hair. Amino Complex exploits the chemical action of technical treatments using them as a carrier of the active ingredients contained in it to penetrate in depth. A true recontruction system performed internally to the hair.

The Vegetable Complex is a compound of 18 amino acids including Wheat and Soy Proteins. In particular, it contains 3 very important amino acids such as Arginine, Serine and Threonine, which are able to recreate the same keratin composition naturally present in the hair. Arginine in particular plays a decisive role in the constitution of proteins essential to the human body, as it is used to rebuild muscles and tissues. This plant complex has the property of maintaining the result obtained in the salon, protecting and strengthening the hair fiber. It represents an effective alternative to the classic animal proteins used in the world of Hair Care.

The main feature of this plant is its fleshy leaves that contain within them a gel with extraordinary anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for the skin. It provides an important protective function. It deeply nourishes the hair and makes it strong and shiny, even fighting hair loss. It also contains antifungal substances able to kill scalp fungus, removing dandruff and bad odor.

Exclusive ingredient that defends the hair and reduces the harmful effects of the heat emitted by hair dryers and plates.

Derived from pressed Jojoba fruit, a plant spread in Central America. Known for its soothing, emollient and moisturizing properties. It makes hair softer, healthier and shinier. Jojoba oil is rich in minerals (zinc, copper, iodine), vitamins (E and B) and waxy esters (lipid rooms with filmogenic action); its properties counteract dryness and dullness of the hair.

It is extracted through the cold pressing of sweet almonds. Emollient, revitalizing and moisturizing, it prevents the formation of bacteria. Restores tone, beauty and brightness to the hair. Gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Wheat proteins have a strong affinity with hair keratin and are able to act directly on the structure of the hair fiber: they attach themselves to the surface of the hair, “fill in” the damaged areas and seal the cuticles. The perceived effect is extreme softness and shine.

Soy proteins smooth the cuticles and help reconstitute the surface of the hair fiber, enveloping the hair with a protective film.

Fundamental protein for the beauty of the hair. It closes the cuticles on the surface, crushing them so that they do not absorb moisture and thus eliminating frizz. The result is silky, disciplined hair. Performs a deeply restructuring, strengthening and regenerating action.

Vitamins with elasticizing, antioxidant, protective, rebalancing, soothing, emollient and regenerating properties.

Helps hair stay healthy by improving subcutaneous circulation and reducing hair loss. Increases the life cycle of melanin in the hair, preserving it from canizie (greying). Hydrates and restores the hair structure in depth.


Amino Complex reconnects the disulfide bonds of the hair thanks to a combination of 18 Amino acids and active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, vegetable Keratin, & wheat protein working in complete synergy to guarantee amazing results. Amino Complex exploits the chemical action of technical treatments using them as a carrier of the active ingredients to penetrate deep in the hair. A real reconstruction system performed internally to the hair.

Advantages of Amino Complex

With Amino Complex your hair will be ready from the first application visably healthier and free from the damage and stress coused by chemical treatments Amino Complex allows you to bleach and Colour your hair several times without causing damage to the hair.

The advantage is that you can create a new look and restyle for your client whenever the client wants without the worry associated with chemical services.

When using Amino Complex timing and procedures and applications methods for colouring or bleaching remain the same. Amino Complex will allow your clients to view your in salon chemical services with a totally new approach and enthusiasm.

Now you can change your look every time wanted without sacrificing the health and the beauty of your hair.


Amino Complex consists of a few simple products:

Primo Elemento – a liquid added as an additive to colouring bleaching and other chemical preparations.

Secono Elemento – a cream to be used immediatley after rinsing the chemical product.

After using Amino Complex complete the treatment with Repulping shampoo, Repulping Mask and Repulping Cream. Take home care products contain the same active ingredients found in Elemento 1 and 2 for the same beutiful results at home.

Amino Complex will allow you to:

  • Bleach damage hair
  • Satisfy all your clients concerns
  • Eliminate the risk of damage.
  • Allow change to client hairs whenever they like.

Amino Complex can be used in combination with all hair treatments:

  • Bleaching
  • Colouring
  • Perming
  • Chemical straightening

The collection

Amino Complex Home Kit

Amino Complex Home Kit

Restructuring kit to maintain the technical service carried out in the salon composed of Amino Complex Shampoo, Mask and Cream.

Amino Complex PRIMO elemento

Amino Complex PRIMO elemento

Treatment of deep reconstruction of the hair fiber, multiplies and reconnects the disulfide bridges of the hair protecting it during the technical service and strengthening it.

Amino Complex Repulping Cream

Amino Complex Repulping Cream

Restructuring no risning cream with keratin, to contrast frizz and split ends.

Amino Complex Repulping Mask

Amino Complex Repulping Mask

Restructuring and regenerating mask post technical service with Arginine HCl.

Amino Complex repulping shampoo

Amino Complex repulping shampoo

Restructuring shampoo post technical service, which restructures the hair fiber and makes hair firmer, fuller and softer.

Amino Complex Salon Kit

Amino Complex Salon Kit

Salon Kit composed by Amino Complex First Element and Amino Complex Second Element.

Amino Complex SECONDO elemento

Amino Complex SECONDO elemento

Cream bisulfide bridge strengthener, to be used after rinsing the technical product.


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