Loyalty, credibility and fairness are just some of the ethical values and principles that we share with Atalanta Calcio and, as Bergamo is our hometown, we can only be proud of this fabulous partnership.

Proud to have been chosen as one of the excellence in the creation of professional hair products, for an exclusive project dedicated to the Atalanta people. Discover Atalanta Body & Hair Shampoo, Atalanta Gel, Atalanta Matt and Glossy Wax to exult always with style!

We are always proud to be close to the professionals and to support their job.


Contains Vitamin A which deeply nourishes the hair, Vitamin E which fights free radicals for an anti-aging effect and linoleic acid which softens and disciplines the most difficult to treat hair.

Known for its invigorating and antioxidant properties. Sunflower oil gives softness and shine to the hair. The hydro-glycolic extract of this plant also helps protect against UV radiation and particularly aggressive shampoos. It protects the hair and reduces the loss of color and shine.

The main feature of this plant is its fleshy leaves that contain within them a gel with extraordinary anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for the skin. It provides an important protective function. It deeply nourishes the hair and makes it strong and shiny, even fighting hair loss. It also contains antifungal substances able to kill scalp fungus, removing dandruff and bad odor.

It is a tropical fruit which is very well known today and widely used both in cosmetics and in cooking and comes from Central America. Particularly rich in fatty acids, it is very important for its nourishing and restorative properties. It has high vitalizing, moisturizing, illuminating and elasticizing characteristics.

Atalanta shampoo hair and body 200ml - Emmebi Italia


Every line developed by Emmebi Italia is a unicum that embodies a particular type of beauty, a representation of every heterogeneous and irreplaceable individuality. And this concept is naturally expressed in the personalization of the packaging, which is always exclusive for each line, original and characterized by its own simple, artistic, multi-faceted and emotional personality.

The collection

Atalanta Gel strong

Atalanta Gel strong

Strong fixing gel, sculpts and defines even the most rebel hair.

Atalanta Wax Glossy

Atalanta Wax Glossy

Ultra bright strong wax to define and enhance styling details.

Atalanta Wax Matt

Atalanta Wax Matt

Strong shaping wax for a matte effect look.


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