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Beauty Experience


Formulated with Snail Slime Extract “HELIX ASPERSA MULLER”, one of the most precious ingredient in cosmetics, the BEAUTY EXPERIENCE products give vigor, intense hydration and volume to dry, fragile or heavily damaged hair by technical treatments, thermal and atmospheric stress.

From the first treatment the hair is visibly soft, elastic, hydrated, bright and easy to comb. Enriched with Snail Slime Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Guar Gum, Bamboo and Collagen Protein, the BEAUTY EXPERIENCE treatments represent a real luxury experience in hair care.


The constant use of the HOME PRODUCTS allows the maintenance of the amazing results: it keeps the hair hydrated and protected, maintaining both hair color and styling lasting longer.



Always known as an excellence in cosmetic treatments, snail slime is a substance rich in Allantoin (tissue regenerating), Elastin (elasticizing), Collagen (moisturizing), Glycolic Acid (exfoliating and illuminating), Lactic Acid, Vitamins and Minerals. Its important proteic and nourishing action increases protection from atmospheric agents. The slime of the snails is collected in accordance with the rules in force and in such a way as not to create stress to the snails that are placed in the hatchery after the collection of the slime.

A fruit known since ancient times by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans who used it for its antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and antibacterial properties. Rich in minerals (Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese and Zinc with antioxidant function), water and vitamins (A, B, C, K). Particularly useful in the repair of the stems and the prevention of split ends and has a regenerating effect on brittle hair that breaks easily.

Highly moisturizing nitrogenous amino acids, ideal for rebalancing hair structure. Protein supplements that help regenerate broken bonds. They increase the hydration level of damaged hair.

Bamboo is a plant with unusual properties. It belongs to the Gramineae family, all the plants belonging to this family are bound to the earth in a particular way, thanks to the capacity of multiplication and penetration of their roots, to the point of creating a covering above ground. Bamboo develops with a remarkable growth and produces canes up to several meters high. They are resistant and at the same time flexible thanks to the high quantity of silicates. Bamboo is rich in valuable substances that restructure and moisturize the hair fiber such as organic silica, mineral salts and vitamins C, B1, B2 and PP. Substance known for its content in amino acids and vitamins that penetrate into the hair structure and contribute to tissue repair. Excellent adjuvant in therapies of reconstruction of the hair fiber.

Fruit acid. Helps to mend the scales of the hair, ensuring a physiological ph and bringing brightness to the hair.

Also known as guarane, it comes from the grinding of guar seeds. With high conditioning power, it moisturizes the hair preventing the fiber from drying out with the use of heat treatments (hair dryer – straightener – curling iron). It improves the structure of the hair making it easier to comb and the hairstyle softer.

Obtained from the nuts of an African plant that local populations call “the tree of youth”, Shea Butter has soothing and medicinal properties that make it a very versatile product in the pharmaceutical field and particularly suitable for damaged and stressed hair. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it tones and protects the hair both during and after the application of treatments.

The strong emollient action counteracts the dryness of the hair and scalp by ensuring a high rate of hydration to the hair shaft, keeping it moist for a long time and making the hair strong, smooth and shiny.

Small lipidic molecule that has the power to nourish the amino acids of the hair restoring its natural appearance, for a fast and deep reconstruction action.

They have nourishing properties on the hair: by retaining water on the surface, they help maintain a voluminous, hydrated, strong and healthy hair. They also act as a protector, preventing hair breakage and repairing split ends. They give strength and fullness to the hair. They give shine and softness to the hair, making it smooth, silky and less frizzy.


Snail slime is an organic glue-containing lubricant that keeps the skin hydrated and facilitates snail movements.

Snail slime can protect snails from pollution and promotes regeneration of their protective film thanks to soothing and healing action in case of minor injuries.


The exclusive “Helix Aspersa Muller” snail slime extract is a precious ingredient with exceptional natural properties that give new life to your hair.

Snail slime extract is an element that faithfully follows the “Inspired by nature” philosophy: its complex formulation of active substances makes it a unique cosmetic ingredient which cannot be replicated in the lab environment.

An exciting Luxury Haircare experience for an instant anti-aging hair treatment, respecting nature.


Snal slime is the most natural way to keep moisture on the delicate surface of the scalp. Recent studies have shown that it increases the ability of human skin to retain hydration.

Snail slime is rich in natural proteins and other polymers and has hygroscopic properties; namely, it readily absorbs water molecules in the in the surrounding environment.

This effect helps keep hair moisturized and, therefore, healthy and wholesome.

Recent studies show that slime can also protect against free radicals that damage hair (causing hair loss) and skin.

Snail slime is equally effective in protecting against mechanical damage caused by excessive pressure while combing or brushing, day after day, and against all those actions that apply tension to and twist hair.

Beauty Experience Nutry Care shampoo 1000ml - Emmebi Italia


Every line developed by Emmebi Italia is a unicum that embodies a particular type of beauty, a representation of every heterogeneous and irreplaceable individuality. And this concept is naturally expressed in the personalisation of the packaging, which is always exclusive for each line, original and characterised by its own simple, artistic, multi-faceted and emotional personality.


  • The ethereal white color, in elegant contrast with the chrome finishes, gives the whole collection a touch of refinement that immediately reconnects to the concept of the Luxury Experience on which the whole line was conceived.
  • The logo, minimal and with an exclusive design, takes up the idea of ​​a simple but at the same time refined beauty
  • The soft touch bottles transform the use of the product into a sensory experience
  • The golden bottle closures complete the design like precious ornamental jewels
  • Bottles made with innovative recyclable PET for a better planet

The collection

Beauty Experience Face Mask

Beauty Experience Face Mask

An innovative “lifting” effect mask for an extraordinary moisturizing, decongesting and purifying treatment for your face.

Beauty Experience Home Products (Shampoo + Cream)

Beauty Experience Home Products (Shampoo + Cream)

The kit consists of Nutry Care Shampoo and Nutry Care Cream from the BEAUTY EXPERIENCE HOME PRODUCTS line

Beauty Experience Mini Kit Anti-age

Beauty Experience Mini Kit Anti-age

Beauty Experience Mini Kit Anti-Age is a smart gift idea composed of skincare and hair care products formulated with Snail Slime. These products are ideal for deeply nourishing and moisturizing face and hair.

Beauty Experience 10 in 1 da 150ml - Emmebi ItaliaBeauty Experience Nutry care 10 in 1 - Emmebi Italia

Beauty Experience Nutry Care 10 in 1

Multifunctional and thermo-protective no-rinse spray mask for all hair types, ideal against temperature, detangling, and preventing split ends.

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Cream

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Cream

Instant plumping and volumizing no-rinse hair cream ideal for giving volume, vigor and shine to normal, frizzy and dry hair.

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Face Cream - Emmebi Italia

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Face Cream

Concentrated moisturizing and detoxifying face cream with Snail Slime, ideal for all skin types and daily use.

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Hand Cream

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Hand Cream

Special hand cream to deeply moisturize and protect hands, easy to absorb.

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Instant repulp

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Instant repulp

Special plumping and regenerating instant rinse-off spray treatment at PH 5.5, for damaged, colored, brittle and thin hair.

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Lotion

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Lotion

Re-mineralizing rinse-off ampoule which deeply acts by restoring strength, structure and volume to the hair while improving color stability.

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Mask 500ml - Emmebi ItaliaBeauty Experience Nutry Care Mask 200ml - Emmebi Italia

Beauty Experience Nutry Care Mask

Regenerating rinse-off mask for medium to thick hair ideal for promoting hair regeneration while keeping the hair hydrated and protected.