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The return to purity and origins is the secret of the new formulation

of Gate Wash Oliva Bio without Sles, Parabens and Sulphates. A

complete range of high performance, shampoo treatments designed

for all type of hair: straight, curly, thin and treated.

30 Smoothie Shampoo

Smoothie shampoo nourishes and moisturizes even the most undisciplined hair, restoring softness, shine while providing nourishment, thanks to the properties of Keratin and Macadamia oil.

31 Smoothie Conditioner

Smoothie conditioner completes the smoothing action commenced with SMOOTHIE Shampoo. Providing nourishment and hydration, it enriches the hair fiber, thanks to the presence of Keratin and Macadamia oil.

32 Curls Shampoo

Curls shampoo purifies and cleanses, leaving hair soft and lustrous. Keratin, Jojoba and Argan oils deeply nourish and hydrate hair while eliminating frizz.

33 Curls Conditioner

Curls conditioner completes the anti-frizz action of CURLS Shampoo.
Keratin and Jojoba oil promote the renewal of hair cells, deeply strengthening and nourishing them.

34 Volume Shampoo

Volume shampoo enriched with Keratin and Argan Oil, provides body, volume and nourishment to fine and fragile hair. Also great for natural hair.

35 Volume Conditioner

Volume conditioner completes the volumising action commenced with VOLUME Shampoo. Generous amounts of Keratin, collagen and Argan Oil thicken and nourish the hair, creating an effective barrier against atmospheric agents.

36 Repair Shampoo

Repair shampoo gently cleanses damaged or colour-treated hair. Keratin and Ceramide A2 help to rebuild the altered intercellular bond, making the hair stronger and softer with more volume.

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