Emmebi Italia offers professional hair products inspired by nature.

Bionature Carbon Peeling

Bionature Carbon Peeling

Peeling with coconut charcoal and lavender extract for a gentle and progressive exfoliating action

Bionature Dandruff Lotion

Bionature Dandruff Lotion

Supporting treatment for the normalization of skin affected by various forms of dandruff.

BioNature shampoo deforforante 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Maschera acidificante 200ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Dandruff Shampoo

Excellent treatment for anti-dandruff action, re-balancing and normalizing.

Natural solution dandruff shampoo 250ml - Emmebi Italia

Natural Solution Dandruf Remedy shampoo

Shampoo that reduces and prevents the formation of dandruff leaving hair shiny, soft and silky.