Antiage Mini Kit


ANTI AGE MINI KIT  is a “mini” gift idea but with three premium products for hair and skin formulated with snail slime. These products are idea to nourish and deeply moisturize skin and hair.

Antiage Mini Kit contains:

  • 1 x BEAUTY EXPERIENCE NUTRY CARE 10 IN 1 DA 60ML – innovative multifunctional treatment with Snail Slime, Keratin, Shea Butter and Vitamins A-D-E that combines the consistency and the properties of a mask with the easy and speed use of the spray.  
  • 1 x BEAUTY EXPERIENCE NUTRY CARE FACE MASK – is a “lifting effect” mask acting as a moisturizing, decongestant (thanks to Dermo Science Cryo Effect technology) and purifying treatment for face.  
  • 1 x BEAUTY EXPERIENCE NUTRY CARE FACE CREAM DA 15ML – a concentrated cream with snail slime that moisturizes and detoxifies face skin. It is ideal for all skin types and daily use. The formula, with its concentrate of nourishing ingredients, helps in smoothing the skin and making it more elastic, purified and moisturized.  It also works perfectly as a make-up base.



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