Beauty Experience Home Products (Shampoo + Cream)


The kit consists of Nutry Care Shampoo and Nutry Care Cream from the BEAUTY EXPERIENCE HOME PRODUCTS line. The shampoo is ideal for cleansing very dry, fragile and damaged hair, restoring volume and vigor to the hair. Its innovative formula is enriched with extracts of snail slime, pomegranate and bamboo marrow; the perfect balance of these substances gives the product plumping properties making the hair more voluminous and elastic.




1 review for Beauty Experience Home Products (Shampoo + Cream)
  • Els

    Love it! This shampoo smells wonderful and makes your hair feel awesome. Although it is not cheap I don’t require a lot of it so overall it is good value for money! (I can go a long time with 1 bottle)

    • Emmebi Italia – Daniela

      Many thanks for your feedback. You are right, Beauty Experience products are so moisturizing that you just need a small quantity.

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