Remineralizing kit


REMINERALIZING KIT with Helix Aspersa Muller Snail Slime makes hair strong, invigorated and improves color stability.

The Kit contains:

  • 1 x Beauty Experience Nutry Care Shampoo 300 ml – an innovative formula enriched with Snail Slime, Pomegranate and Bamboo Marrow to restore richness, volume and vigor to hair fibers.
  • 1 xBeauty Experience Nutry Care Mask200 ml Snail Slime extract formula, with Ceramide A2, Vitamin E and Silk Protein, which promotes hair regeneration while keeping the hair hydrated and protected.
  • 1 xBeauty Experience Nutry Care Lotion 12 x 10 ml formulated with Snail Slime, ACB Oligomin 5 and Vitamin A-D-E; it acts in depth giving back strength and structure to chemically treated or damaged hair.
  • 1 x Beauty Experience Nutry Care 10 in 1 60 ml – Innovative multifunctional treatment with Snail Slime, Keratin, Shea Butter and Vitamin A-D-E that combines the consistency and properties of a mask with the convenience and speed of use of a spray.  


Ideal for treated, colored and thick hair. It is not indicated for thin hair.




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