Soft Curls Kit


SOFT CURLS KIT enhances curls leaving them soft and shiny.

It is suitable for all curly types.

SOFT CURLS KIT contains:

  • 1 x GATE WASH OCEAN 32 CURLY SHAMPOO – cleanses curly hair with a deep moisturizing action to prevent dryness and leave hair easier to comb and frizz-free.
  • 1 x GATE WASH OCEAN 43 TREATED HAIR MASK – a beauty ritual for treated hair that deeply moisturizes without weigthing it down. Its Ph 4.0 allows to perfectly seal hair scales extending the maintenance of the cosmetic reflex.

Would you like to make the Kit premium?

Combine with Gate 04 Ocean Definer Curls: a no-rinse modelling fluid for curly hair that strengthens and restores weak and brittle hair. It enhances and intensify the elasticity and the shine of the curls removing the frizz-effect. It protects from the heat of the drying and the external factors keeping hair moisturized, soft and rich.




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