Energysing Kit


A hair care gift to strenghten hair and reduce its loss. Ideal for fragile hair, keen to hair loss. 


  • 1 x Bionature Growth Factor Shampoo helps in stimulating hair growth in case of excessive hair loss
  • 1 x Bionature Growth Factor Lotion – this formula contains 3HC stimulation complex 3%, Melaleuca (TeaTree) Essential Oil and Cinnamon, an innovative treatment against excessive hair loss.

For a complete Hair Loss Treatment, add Bionatura Growth Factor Patch: 30 patches that release on the scalp different active ingredients able to act on the main causes of hair loss. Plus, they nourish and foster a new hair growth.

  • e rilasciano sulla cute una serie di sostanze attive che agiscono sinergicamente sulle principali cause responsabili della caduta dei capelli, nutrendoli e favorendone la crescita.



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