Progressive Anti Hair Loss Kit – Sensitive Skin


30 days Phyto Holistic Hair Loss Treatment to counteract, prevent seasonal hair loss or maintain the results obtained over time thanks to the Bionature Intensive Home Treatment.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x Bionature Purifying Mousse 150 ml No gas mousse with detox action to be used as a pre-treatment for a sanitizing, soothing and stimulation of the subcutaneous microcirculation volumizing the root of the thin hair. Formula with Mimosa Tenuiflora Extract, Vitalized Water, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Officinal Calendula Extract. Also ideal for face cleansing.
  • 1 x Bionature Growth Factor Shampoo 250 ml – Stimulating shampoo, perfect for supplementing the growth adjuvant treatment for hair prone to falling out. Formula with Mimosa Tenuiflora Extract, Boehmeria Nipononivea, Serenoa Serrulata, Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.
  • 1 x Bionature Alopecia Lotion 50 ml – Hair Loss Lotion indicated to treat the various forms of alopecia and effectively counteract hair loss in case of sensitive and dehydrated scalp. Formula with 3HC Stimulation complex 3% (Bioliquefied grape stem cells, Rocket and Walnut), Essential Oil of Melaleuca (Teatree), Extract of Serenoa Serrulata and Boehmeria Nipononivea.
  • 1 x Bionature Growth Factor Patch – Innovative Hair Loss patch, adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss, with local, gradual and progressive action. This patch slowly releases on the skin a series of active substances that act synergistically on the main causes responsible for hair loss, nourishing it and promoting its growth. Pack of 30 patches
No Sles
Silicon Free



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