Gate 09 Ocean Thermo Protector


Cosmetic smoothing spray with “memory effect” with Thermo-Protective , anti-frizz and anti-humidity action. The THERMO-PROTECTIVE technology based on Plankton Extract with moisturizing, soothing and anti-aging properties, facilitates the use of brush and hair dryer making drying and smoothing way quicker. Provides immediate softness and elasticity for smooth, hydrated and easy to manage hair. It resists humidity and defends hair from external agents giving a bright and shiny finish without weighing it down. GATE 09 facilitates smooth styling while prolonging its duration thanks to the presence of special polymers in the formula that are activated by heat, and allow you to store the smooth shape of the hair itself. It seals the cuticle making the hair incredibly shiny and soft. GATE 09 is ideal for indisciplined, rebellious, frizzy, normal and colored hair.

Sulfate Free
150 ml



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