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A flawless face is the business card of every man. However, men do not devote much time to the care of their skin: they prefer rapid and functional gestures.

Formulated with precious essential oils and selected plant extracts to ensure a soothing, calming, toning and antibacterial action on the skin, Gate Man products are perfect for the male beauty care, ideal for men with or without beard. Because if you have the beard…you SHAVE IT OR you TAKE CARE OF IT!

When you go to a barber, everything is easier: he knows exactly how to define and transform the face of a man, but at home preserving the same good results is easier if you have the right products.
Healthy hair, smooth and hydrated face and body skin, a well-groomed beard, signs of aging under control are now more than ever a tangible sign of charm and Gate Man is the solution.

Just a few and practical gestures and some clear tips and the man of the third millennium is ready to be comfortable with himself and with the others.

Gate Man, a wonderful gift for any occasion.


The main properties of menthol is its immediate cooling effect, due to the activation of receptors that react to skin temperature. In addition to the refreshing action, it is calming and invigorating, protecting the skin from irritation.

The main feature of this plant is its fleshy leaves that contain within them a gel with extraordinary anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for the skin. It provides an important protective function. It deeply nourishes the hair and makes it strong and shiny, even fighting hair loss. It also contains antifungal substances able to kill scalp fungus, removing dandruff and bad odor.

Calendula is a herbaceous plant native to Egypt, which has multiple medicinal properties. The best known is Calendula officinalis, which grows in gardens, lawns or gravelly areas. The yellow-orange flowers make it resemble a large daisy. Emollient, soothing, healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

It is extracted through the cold pressing of sweet almonds. Emollient, revitalizing and moisturizing, it prevents the formation of bacteria. Restores tone, beauty and brightness to the hair. Gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.


Men without beards preserve their natural beauty. So, it is just a trend or a need? In both cases, when shaving your beard you must respect very accurate hygiene rules, if you want to avoid redness, burning, and hypersensitivity.

The proper and regular use of Gate Man products applied to the face before and after shaving will make your skin fresh, young, clean, perfumed and irresistible!


Men with a well-groomed beard are definitely charming and hot. Elegant and sophisticated, a well-groomed, clean, soft, thick and hydrated beard is undoubtedly a very important element, able to characterise a man’s face and to change his look. Did you decide to grow a beard?

Gate Man is the essential and functional line that will give you a new look and will help you to maintain it.

The soothing power of precious essential oils and plant extracts in GATE MAN

The Aloe Vera present in Gate Man products has like main feature the fleshy leaves that contain a gel with extraordinary anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It performs an important protective action.

Also the refreshing Camphor has toning and antiseptic properties.

The eucalyptus oil present in Gate Man products has an excellent decongestant power, it calms skin irritations. Antiseptic, it has an effective antibacterial action. Toning, it makes the skin more elastic.

Menthol has an immediate cooling effect, due to the activation of skin receptors that react to the temperature. In addition to the refreshing action, it is calming and invigorating and it protects the skin from irritation.

Panthenol is Vitamin B5 and it is a powerful moisturizer and emollient with soothing power. It makes the skin soft, silky, pleasant to the touch.

Jojoba Oil is produced by squeezing the seeds fruits of Jojoba, a plant widespread in Central America. It has been used for centuries by Native Americans to calm tissue irritation and inflammation of the mucous membranes of eyes and throat.

Bamboo is a substance known for the high content in amino acids and vitamins that penetrate the structure of the hair, contributing to repair the tissues.

Almond Oil and Calendula Oil are emollient, they share repairing properties and they are also excellent to contrast the formation of bacteria.

Linseed Oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant and it is one of the most effective natural remedies for dry and brittle hair. Fantastic to get a more hydrated beard, soft and not frizzy.

Argan Oil moisturizes and protects the beard reducing frizz and enhancing shine and volume.

Gate Man Beard shampoo 150ml - Emmebi Italia


Every line developed by Emmebi Italia is a unicum that embodies a particular type of beauty, a representation of every heterogeneous and irreplaceable individuality. And this concept is naturally expressed in the personalization of the packaging, which is always exclusive for each line, original and characterized by its own simple, artistic, multi-faceted and emotional personality.


  • The use of brown tones immediately reconnects the collection to the masculine universe, strong and wild, characterized by a rude simplicity that never precludes a touch of elegance and distinction.
  • The vintage design of the bottles immediately brings us into an atmosphere of other times, when the shaving ceremonial was an integral part of the men’s everyday life and a distinctive moment.
  • At the same time, the fine details create a strong appeal with modernity, with a man who never gives up on himself and on the care of his image and of a personal and unique style.
  • Bottles are made with innovative recyclable PET for a better planet.

The collection

Gate Man After Shave Balm

Gate Man After Shave Balm

Soothing and moisturizing after shaving cream, which gives particular relief to irritations.

Gate Man Beard oil

Gate Man Beard oil

Daily use oil designed to soften and brighten the beard while providing maximum hydration to the skin.

Gate Man Beard Shampoo

Gate Man Beard Shampoo

Face and beard care shampoo.

Gate Man Fluid Shaving Cream

Gate Man Fluid Shaving Cream

Fluid shaving cream, relaxes the skin and makes the hair softer, being more delicate and smooth under the blade during the shaving process.

Gate Man Hair-Body Shampoo

Gate Man Hair-Body Shampoo

Gently cleanses the body from the head to the toes. The hair feels moisturized and soft, and the body more toned and fresh.

Perfect Beard Kit

Perfect Beard Kit

Men’s grooming set for beard care based on Essential Oils and Plant Extracts with moisturizing, illuminating and emollient power.

Perfect Shave Kit

Perfect Shave Kit

Using PERFECT SHAVE KIT daily assures a fresh, neat and perfumed face.


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