Is a plant-derived active complex that is extracted through bioliquefaction from the Mullein flower and enables potentially harmful UV radiation... Read more

Acb Oligomin 5

• SILICON: important mineral in the role of synthesis for healthy bones as it assists in the absorption of calcium.... Read more

Almond Oil

It is extracted through the cold pressing of sweet almonds. Emollient, revitalizing and moisturizing, it prevents the formation of bacteria.... Read more

Aloe Barbadensis Juice

This plant is commonly referred to as the “silent healer” for its remarkable beneficial properties. It possesses moisturizing, healing, soothing,... Read more

Aloe Vera

La caratteristica principale di questa pianta è data dalle foglie carnose che racchiudono al loro interno un gel dalle straordinarie... Read more

Aloe Vera

The main feature of this plant is its fleshy leaves that contain within them a gel with extraordinary anti-inflammatory and... Read more

Amino complex

Complex of wheat amino acids, ceramide A2, hibiscus seed extract and micro proteins, protects and nourishes the hair during color... Read more

Anti-yellow pigment

Operating directly on the hair shaft, it is able to neutralize any remains of the typical yellow-orangey tone of blonde... Read more

Apricot Kernel Oil

Known for its mineralizing properties (it contains trace elements such as Magnesium, Phosphorus and Iron), it is absorbed very quickly... Read more

Argan Oil

Its power is absolutely unique and wonderful. Rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin F, Omega 3, Omega 6, it... Read more

Arnica Extract

Arnica is an herb with many beneficial properties, known since ancient times: this flower, very similar in appearance to the... Read more

Avocado Oil

It is a tropical fruit which is very well known today and widely used both in cosmetics and in cooking... Read more