Avocado Oil

It is a tropical fruit which is very well known today and widely used both in cosmetics and in cooking and comes from Central America. Particularly rich in fatty acids, it is very important for its nourishing and restorative properties. It has high vitalizing, moisturizing, illuminating and elasticizing characteristics.

Products that contain Avocado Oil

Argania oil 125ml - Emmebi Italia

Argania Sahara Secrets oil

Disciplining, elasticizing, moisturizing and brightening hair oil, also ideal for the skin.

Gate 38 Wash Ocean Shampoo Daily 250 ml - Emmebi Italia

Gate Wash Ocean 38 Daily Shampoo

Mask suitable for natural hair, nourishes and cleanses delicately.

Gate 41 Wash Ocean Mask Nat

Gate Wash Ocean 41 Natural Hair Mask

Mask suitable for natural hair, completes the restructuring action started with ocean shampoo.