Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil is obtained from Cedrus atlantica, a plant of the Pinaceae family. It favors anchoring to the ground and this action is also carried out towards the hair root.

Products that contain Cedarwood Essential Oil

Bionature Alopecia Lotion

Bionature Alopecia Lotion

Treatment recommended for the various forms of alopecia, formulated using the innovative 3HC Stimulation Complex.

BioNature shampoo fattore crescita 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Shampoo fattore crescita 50ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Growth Factor Shampoo

Shampoo that provides a stimulating action, perfect as a complement to growth promoting treatment for hair loss

BioNature shampoo iperidrosi 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Shampoo iperidrosi 50ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Hyperhidrosis Shampoo

Specific rebalancing and deodorant action shampoo.

Bionature Sebum Lotion

Bionature Sebum Lotion

Treatment that promotes a sebum-normalizing action.

BioNature shampoo sebo normalizzante 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Shampoo sebo normalizzante 50ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Sebum Shampoo

Shampoo with a specific sebonormalizing action with progressive effect.

BioNature Shampoo capelli trattati 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Shampoo capelli trattati 50ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Treated Hair Shampoo

Restructuring shampoo with acid ph specific for hair that underwent technical treatments.