Citrine Sandalwood Oil

Citrine Sandalwood is an evergreen shrub native to southern Asia, particularly common in Indonesia and Karnataka. The wood of this plant has been used since ancient times in Indian religious rituals. Widely used in ayurvedic medicine and phytotherapy, it has dermopurifying, bactericide and sedative properties.

Products that contain Citrine Sandalwood Oil

Bionature Dandruff Lotion

Bionature Dandruff Lotion

Supporting treatment for the normalization of skin affected by various forms of dandruff.

BioNature shampoo deforforante 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Maschera acidificante 200ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Dandruff Shampoo

Excellent treatment for anti-dandruff action, re-balancing and normalizing.