Mango Oil

Detangling, nourishing, rich in vitamin E and an excellent elasticizer. The high content of tocopherols gives Mango oil remarkable antioxidant properties. Makes the hair soft and shiny.

Products that contain Mango Oil

Zer035 Prohair fase 1 purifying shampoo 250ml - Emmebi Italia

Pro-Hair Purifying Shampoo

Sealing Shampoo pH 4.5 after technical service, finalizes and stabilizes the result of the service carried out in the salon, protecting the hair.

Pro-Hair Re-Balance Spray

Pro-Hair Re-Balance Spray

pH 4.0 Balancing Spray, which balances the physiological pH of the hair while maintaining the result of any technical service carried out in the salon.

Zer035 Prohair fase 2 sealing mask 200ml - Emmebi Italia

Pro-Hair Sealing Mask

After technical service sealing Mask pH 3.5, which seals the scales of the hair, nourishes and maintains the result obtained over time.