Sea Oak

Sea oak is able to stimulate the synthesis of collagen. this improves the appearance of skin and hair, reducing signs of aging

Products that contain Sea Oak

Gate 16 Ocean Gel Strong

Gate 16 Ocean Gel Strong

Hair gel with strong hold to shape and sculpt any look. Zero flaking or residue.

Gate 18 Ocean Ceragel

Gate 18 Ocean Ceragel

Innovative product that gives the flexible control of a wax with the hold of a gel. Zero mess or residues.

Gate 30 Wash Ocean Shampoo Smooth 250 ml - Emmebi Italia

Gate Wash Ocean 30 Smooth Shampoo

Specific shampoo for straight hair, it nourishes and smoothes the most unruly hair.

Gate 32 Wash Ocean Shampoo Curly 250 ml - Emmebi Italia

Gate Wash Ocean 32 Curly Shampoo

Specific shampoo for curly hair, revives the curly leaves the hair soft and shiny.

Gate 34 Wash Ocean Shampoo Volume 1000 ml - Emmebi Italia

Gate Wash Ocean 34 Volume Shampoo

Specific shampoo for fine hair, it gives body, volume and nourishment.

Gate 36 Wash Ocean Shampoo Repair 250 ml - Emmebi Italia

Gate Wash Ocean 36 Repair Shampoo

Specific shampoo for treated hair, nourishes and cleanses delicately.

Gate 41 Wash Ocean Mask Nat

Gate Wash Ocean 41 Natural Hair Mask

Mask suitable for natural hair, completes the restructuring action started with ocean shampoo.