Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is obtained by cold pressing the rind of the ripe fruit of the Sweet Orange plant. Excellent relaxant that helps to overcome stress, anxiety and fatigue. Deodorant, disinfectant, calming.

Products that contain Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Bionature Alopecia Lotion

Bionature Alopecia Lotion

Treatment recommended for the various forms of alopecia, formulated using the innovative 3HC Stimulation Complex.

BioNature shampoo deforforante 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Maschera acidificante 200ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Dandruff Shampoo

Excellent treatment for anti-dandruff action, re-balancing and normalizing.

BioNature shampoo uso frequente 250ml - Emmebi Italiabionature

Bionature Frequent Use Shampoo

Gentle, volumizing shampoo suitable for thin hair and children's hair.

Bionature Keratinising Oil

Bionature Keratinising Oil

Essential oils and phytokeratins cocktail to normalize the skin and deeply nourishing the hair shaft.

Bionature Moisturizing Lotion

Bionature Moisturizing Lotion

Balancing treatment which fights dehydration and itching caused by excessive sweating and/or scalp soreness.

Bionature Soothin Lotion

Bionature Soothin Lotion

Specific soothing treatment for irritated scalp with redness and itching.

BioNature shampoo lenitivo 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Shampoo lenitivo 50ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Soothing Shampoo

Shampoo with a specific sebonormalizing action with progressive effect.

BioNature Shampoo capelli trattati 250ml - Emmebi ItaliaBioNature Shampoo capelli trattati 50ml - Emmebi Italia

Bionature Treated Hair Shampoo

Restructuring shampoo with acid ph specific for hair that underwent technical treatments.