Our values


Since the beginning of their adventure, Adriano and Fabio had very clear ideas: making Emmebi Italia a “different” company whose strong and authentic values expand, branch out and spread to anyone arrives in the company, no matter the role.
All of the products contain carefully selected active ingredients of natural origin. We are inspired by and we avail of the Earth’s Biodiversity, the purity of its ingredients and the immense variety of living forms that make our planet unique. An incredible diversity of organisms and plants with various functions that represent the true wealth of life. We believe in the fundamental importance of constantly turning our gaze to this ancestral muse, with whose pure energy we must connect, every day, always. We originate from nature and we must return to it. This concept of beauty is expressed in the diversity of every Emmebi Italia line, each of which is a unique creation in terms of type, history and personality.
Respect for people and the environment are the basis of our work and every day we strive to make ever more sustainable and the least harmful choices possible. 100% recyclable, environmentally sustainable PET and Glass containers adopted in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. For many of our collections, lotion products are applied through a pneumatically sealed spray dispenser so that the product cannot be contaminated.
Studied and unique formulas are the result of on-going collaboration with experts in the sector. Our collections are the result of careful research and selection of plant-based active ingredients, combined with the most up-to-date and modern cosmetic technology, for the development of products that, quite simply, work. We are constantly moving around and staying abreast of the latest developments in the beauty sector, in our pursuit to always meet the market needs.
“Enhancing people’s authentic beauty”: this is one of the main objectives at Emmebi Italia “Beauty is that thing that gives me a positive feeling when I come into contact with it. It is in everything: in a gesture, in a thought, in a shape… in nature”. Authentic beauty, not artificial, not aimed at perfection but, on the contrary, emphasising the difference that is the true beauty of the individual. Beauty is everything that attracts us and permeates, in particular, the simplest things.
We believe that simplicity is the greatest tribute to beauty. The value of simplicity is conveyed through the easy use of our products: they can be mixed together, they are versatile, highly concentrated and effective from the very first use. It is conveyed through the elegance of our packaging, through the relationship with our partners and customers: direct, honest and linear. We are simple people and we often don’t need a lot of rhetoric to come to an agreement or fulfil certain requests.
Every line developed by Emmebi Italia is a unicum that embodies a particular type of beauty, a representation of every heterogeneous and irreplaceable individuality. And this concept is naturally expressed in the personalisation of the packaging, which is always exclusive for each line, original and characterised by its own simple, artistic, multi-faceted and emotional personality. Because diversity should also be celebrated in colour and shape, in an image that tells us a story and which, in doing so, is able to move us: the story of a product, of a creation, of a line designed to do good and to make a difference.
Everything we offer is the result of careful selection and research. We select the finest products of nature to offer targeted beauty solutions. Not only that. We also carefully choose the best materials available to tell the story of every one of our collections while offering a unique, sensorial experience to those who choose us.
Our origins of genuine and industrious Italian creativity feature in every collection. “Made In Italy” is the winning quality of the fashion and beauty sectors: it has become an actual brand for all intents and purposes, as it is made of people, hard work, sacrifice, craftmanship, creativity and dedication. Almost all of our products and suppliers are Italian, we choose quality and, by doing so, we want to support our country which is made prevalently of small artisan businesses.
“Much more than selling”. We all know that the product is important, but we believe that a good team and excellent collaboration are more important and lead to success. Above all, we are human beings and need to work well together. We base our work on strong values and our greatest satisfaction is to mutually support each other and grow together.
Adriano’s words on this theme are emblematic: “I believe that Emmebi Italia is living proof that democracy can exist within a company. We have the utmost respect for one another, which allows for the acceptance of differences in character and in the way we do things, and we always get the chance to say exactly what we think. This approach has become deep-rooted in all of us and it “infects” everyone who joins our family”.
We base our work on strong values and our greatest satisfaction is to mutually support each other and grow together. We love what we do and to us, customer satisfaction, like trust, is always the most important aspect.
Only passion is always able to generate new energy. Without it, it would be impossible to work with joy, determination and continuity, always looking to the future, facing both the radiant moments and those that are not so easy, which every company encounters along its path, with the same intensity and spirit. Along these lines, FABIO RICCI’s description of the company is evocative: “Passion with a capital P is at the heart of everything: not only one of the most important values in work, but a sort of anthem to life that imbues everything we do every day. This concept can be extended to all human activities, including professional life”.
The story of Emmebi Italia conveys a compelling message, especially to youth: Anyone can make their dreams come true, the important thing is to have a clear vision, strong objectives, a pinch of ambition, the spirit of hard work and plenty of humility, great passion, authentic values as well as, especially, genuinely believing in what one is doing. Never forgetting where we come from and how much progress we have made over the past 30 years of business ensures two things: the first is that we always remain humble and never behave as though we’ve “made it”, but continue to strive to achieve new goals; the second is that we are keenly aware of the work done, the projects completed and the success achieved. Respecting and motivating our collaborators and customers to express themselves as well as achieving objectives – in a nutshell, these are the principles underlying Emmebi Italia’s work ethic