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Professional Line: 500gr.

Dust free dusting powder enriched with Plex (Polyamino Sugar Condensate), lightens up to 10 tones with a high protective power.



Thanks to its special formula, it combines the excellent
lightening capacity (up to 10 tones) with a high
protective power.
BE BLONDE Extreme Light 10 is enriched with
Plex (Polyamino sugar condensate), a combination
with Amino Acids and sugars that have a very high
conditioning property due to its high capacity for
retaining water. BE BLONDE Extreme Light 10 is ideal
for making streaks or bleaching small strands of hair
while maintaining its natural softness. It is also excellent
for total lightening and for obtaining an extremely light
blonde without weakening the hair.
The Dust-Free formula to prevent the release of volatile
dust during application making it quick and easy.
Blended with BE BLONDE Deco Oxy Blue, it creates a
soft cream that does not drip after application. It does
not puff up.
The particular Silver color of BE BLONDE Extreme
Light 10 makes it possible to contrast the warm tones
produced by the lightening service, preparing the hair
to receive colors both from cold and warm reflections
without changes in the tone. It has a delicate lavender
scent, lavender is a plant with well-known relaxing and
anti-stress properties.
• Lightening up to 10 tones
• Formula with Plex (Polyamino sugar condensate)
• Silver color for a strong anti-yellow action
• Latest-generation treatment performance
• Conditioning and moisturizing properties
• Suitable for all lightening techniques
• Dust-Free Formula, non-volatile powder
• Easy to mix
• Compact paste
• Rapid bleaching
• Pleasant scent of Lavender