Bio Perm is a gentle, single-action, waving system that is totally free from ammonia, thioglycolate and their derivatives; suitable for all hair types. Formulated with Cysteamine; a natural, organic bio-reducer from amino acidic origin, similar to the molecular structure of hair, offering extremely natural and uniform wave formation.


Complex of wheat amino acids, ceramide A2, hibiscus seed extract and micro proteins, protects and nourishes the hair during color development. Repairs disulfide bridges thanks to a complex of 18 Amino Acids and active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Keratin and Wheat Proteins that, working in synergy, guaranteeing a final result that gives elasticity, strength and a better appearance to the hair. Amino Complex exploits the chemical action of technical treatments using them as a carrier of the active ingredients contained in it to penetrate in depth. A true recontruction system performed internally to the hair.

Soy proteins smooth the cuticles and help reconstitute the surface of the hair fiber, enveloping the hair with a protective film.

Wheat proteins have a strong affinity with hair keratin and are able to act directly on the structure of the hair fiber: they attach themselves to the surface of the hair, “fill in” the damaged areas and seal the cuticles. The perceived effect is extreme softness and shine.

Small lipidic molecule that has the power to nourish the amino acids of the hair restoring its natural appearance, for a fast and deep reconstruction action.

Known for its invigorating and antioxidant properties. Sunflower oil gives softness and shine to the hair. The hydro-glycolic extract of this plant also helps protect against UV radiation and particularly aggressive shampoos. It protects the hair and reduces the loss of color and shine.

Amino Hair Complex (amino acid complex from keratin)

The presence of Amino Hair Complex (amino acid complex from keratin), soya protein, wheat protein and ceramide A2, protects and nourishes the hair during the exposure time maintaining its integrity and eliminating the risk of an excessive response to the stimulus.

Why choose Bio Perm?

It is a highly technological waving system that works gently, due to the natural extracts contained in the formula. The synergy of these restorative complexes forms a shield to protect the hair during the entire waving process, guaranteeing the correct amount of hydration and nourishment of the hair fiber.

  • Shorter resting times
  • Less impact on the olfactory sense
  • Last generation neutralizer with moisturizing and repairing agents.

Efficacy of Bio Perm

  • It performs effectively on all types of hair, even the most difficult
  • Reduction in skin irritation
  • Protection of the hair
  • It makes the combing easier
  • Elimination of frizz effect
  • It increases the hair volume
  • pH balanced for perfect equilibrium between the waves, their duration and the respect for hair integrity
ZER035 Sleek&Curls

Bio-Perm thio ammonia free

Waving system that is totally free from ammonia, thioglycolate and their derivatives. Formulated with Cysteamine; suitable for all hair types.

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